Research & Arts

With data at Moviegalaxies, we like to support your work in the field of arts, research or education. We are convinced that movies are a perfect vehicle to fascinate students and other groups for social graphs and the social networks that shape our society.

Use Cases


As the space around social networks in movies is still farely unexplored, we invite researchers to use our data and to create new knowledge.


Since 2012, Moviegalaxies is used in classrooms across the world. Experience seems to show that social graphs in movies are a good tool to explain social network analysis and narrative complexities.


A variety of examples shows that another form of a movie´s beauty is hidden in the design of its social network. Moviegalaxies will try to explore these different designs and to establish a new experience.

Research Agenda

Films & Society

In many ways, films reflect values and constructions in society. Here, we aim to analyze how far movies embody a mirror of society and how far societal developments shape their design.


First data might suggest that the social network design of a movie could be a more influential factor than presently known.


Introducing new features, Moviegalaxies will try to create new ways for users to interact with the social graph in movies.

Mentions (to be updated)

Network Science in Education
NetSciEd (Network Science In Education) is an international initiative whose central goal is to raise the level of network literacy for everyone by bringing Network Science into teaching and learning.

Commentary: Teach Network Science to Teenagers
Heather A. Harrington, Mariano Beguerisse Díaz, M. Puck Rombach, Laura M. Keating, Mason A. Porter. Network Science (09/13).

Coursera Course: Social Network Analysis
This course will use social network analysis, both its theory and computational tools, to make sense of the social and information networks that have been fueled and rendered accessible by the internet. Instructor: Prof. Lada Adamic, University of Michigan


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