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In the News
siliconbeat / Mercury News - Movie Relationships
"Head to Moviegalaxies, which maps relationships in movies."

TICbeat - El Grafo Social de Las Películas
"The movies we watch are a true reflection of our society." - Using Graphs to Visualize Movie Character Relationships
"The Movie Galaxies parsing algorithm identifies which characters are in which scenes, which characters are engaged in conversation together, and how often they communicate." - Moviegalaxies Gallery
"For this installment of Expert Galleries, we're shining a spotlight on a set of network visualizations from Moviegalaxies, a website that enables you to explore the social connections among and between characters in films."

Numrush - Movie Galaxies: de social graph van Hollywood klassiekers
"Leuk hoor, die “social graph” die Facebook zo belangrijk vindt. Maar hoe zit dat eigenlijk met films? Voor ieder filmfreak (of mensen met een vader of moeder die bij elk personage vraagt: “wie was hij ook alweer?”) is er daarom nu Moviegalaxies!" - Las conexiones «sociales» de los personajes de películas
"Las películas que vemos son el fiel reflejo de nuestra sociedad, de la actual, de la que fue o de la que imaginamos o ensoñamos. (The movies we watch are a true reflection of our society, of the present, the past and what we can imagine."

Gizmodo - The Beautiful Visualization of Relationships in Your Favorite Movies
"And though we may know every one of those characters, they might not all be connected together. (...) You can almost gauge a movie by how its characters connect."

Miramax Studios - Moviegalaxies’ Depicts Films As Social Networks
"It’s an interesting way to visualize the contours of a single film’s narrative, but things really get interesting once you start making comparisons."

VisualNews - Moviegalaxies: Tracing the Social Networks in Movies
"Perhaps the answer can be found in the entertainment value – and the long conversations one can have – after watching a socially complex movie with many interwoven stories."

FlowingData - Character Social Networks in Movies
"We've seen a lot of network charts for Twitter, Facebook, and real people. Screw that. I want to see social networks for movie characters. That's where Moviegalaxies comes in."
Recent Announcements
Moviegalaxies is currently updating new content and features. Also, we will be at NetSci 2016. Check back on October 10 2016.

Moviegalaxies - In a Nutshell
Moviegalaxies is a place to discover the social interaction graph in movies. Our idea is to create the world´s largest structured database for social graphs in movies.

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